About Us

Kaili Group - Leather goods makers from the beginning

We design and develop collections with new concepts every season, creating quality leather accessories.
Passion for leather, knowledge of production processes and continuous research are the characteristics of our work and our products.
We manage and control the entire production chain.
From design to prototype development, from production to customization, up to distribution.
Thanks to our know-how, we interpret the needs of our customers, and offer a vast range of accessories, Made in Italy and otherwise, divided into multiple targets, trying to satisfy the needs of all those who wish to create their own exclusive object.
We try to meet the needs of the contemporary market through attention to detail, aesthetic sensitivity and combining tradition and innovation.

 Kaili mood / Take it slow philosophy

Since its creation, Kaili Mood's success has been based on a perfect mix of talents and skills.
Our creations tell of our deep knowledge of leather, of its processes and of an idea that becomes an accessory for every day.
Born as a brand focused on the production of high-level leather accessories, the brand soon broadened its proposal, extending itself to a real total look attentive to style, but free from seasonal trends and passing fads. A trend that is updated from season to season with "timeless" garments, carefully chosen for the pleasure of wearing them and for their versatility, where the combination of aesthetics and quality becomes a single imperative. Each element is designed to match those of the past and future proposals. The exquisitely Italian attention to quality and detail certifies our products from raw materials to the finished product, ensuring that each "Kaili mood" garment can boast an all-round "artisan" denomination.
Ours is a collection aimed at combining in preppy and cool combinations; a story of manufacturing and stylistic excellence that speaks to contemporary man.
Time-honored classics are reinvented for today, and iconic pieces are uniquely combined for modern style.
Recognized among the best on the market for quality and attention to detail, the products are developed by the internal creative department. In fact, the conception, design and planning phases are carried out entirely in Italy and with great passion, as are those of quality control, marketing and distribution, for an always punctual service. The quality of the materials is guaranteed by a selection process based on very strict evaluation standards.
Kaili mood flies beyond tradition, constantly innovates by proposing accessible, elegant, never banal products, pleasant to wear or use, durable and enjoyable in their absolute timeless quality. Ours is an evolution capable of uniting Italian refinement and attention to detail with the various trends of contemporary taste.
Our mission is to make Kaili mood a premium brand. This mission requires a high level of quality and professionalism in all our sectors: creation, style, production and distribution. Thanks to this vision of what we create, in turn, our customers have a unique experience anywhere in the world.
The proposal of a wide range of products aims to meet the tastes of those looking for a product that responds to their style. We also pay particular attention to fast and safe delivery all over the world, becoming a solid commercial partner who controls logistics and services with professionalism. Our vision is unified for well-managed growth, which is based on operational excellence, customer satisfaction and talent development. Attention to others is the basis of our community of interests and values.


The difficult interpretation of simplicity.

Mainly centered on the basis of the "normcore" style made up of everyday, comfortable, practical garments, with neutral colors that are never too showy, basic garments that are never too close-fitting, the Renato Borzatta collections do not hide some interference from different styles, with some garment that allows you to express a certain type of "free eccentricity" even in the routine of daily life.

The Renato Borzatta collections meet those looking for a "personal style" that goes far beyond simple appearance and without "frills", those looking for something that comes from within, as the most intimate expression of one's personality.


Renato Borzatta - Personal History

The exaltation of simplicity.

The meticulously calculated interference of those who love to process data.

The inspiration of those who have always recognized in any form of art the maximum expression of freedom and communication.

The prudence of those who don't like to appear, in continuous contrast with the tenacity of those who love to constantly take new paths, new paths and new projects.

Pampered by the peace and unforgettable landscapes of the splendid setting of the much loved Lake Como, he literally takes his first steps in the midst of silk and fine fabrics.

The grandfather's company, leader in the production and marketing of scarves and fashion accessories, was not only a safe haven where to play climbing among the pieces of the warehouse every day immediately after school but was, in fact, the origin of a creative path still today in daily evolution.

The technical studies, the passion for information technology and for business management, do not deviate from the path traced in his youth, on the contrary, they strengthen his stimuli and convictions, finding application in his first work experiences.

Over a decade in the luxury tie sector, they consolidate knowledge and experience with fabrics, designs, fashion, logistics and commerce.

Colors, variations and combinations seem to become the epicenter of everyday life, hence the in-depth study of the sensations and emotional impact they can have on the right product, used in the right way.

Inexorable, at this point, meeting and falling in love with the subtle arts of marketing and communication.

“Influencing behavior, making the product desirable and the audience desiring.”

This will become a fundamental and new starting point.

Of great prominence is his creativity applied in PTO, where he amalgamates all previous skills and experiences well. The initiative to lend one's creativity to this specific sector which appreciates the contribution with the assignment of the prestigious PETRARCA prize of the PTO is innovative.

The inexhaustible need to continue to study, grow and do business brings with it a dutiful pinch of madness and enterprise that lead him to radically innovate the stylistic setting of a clothing manufacturing company in the technical-sports sector. The collaboration with important commercial partners grows, until it becomes the technical sponsor of various teams in many categories, operating on 14 different sports.

Thanks to technological and managerial innovations, and to a renewed artistic flair, this experience allows him to constantly acquire new stylistic skills by analyzing and elaborating new models, shapes and geometries.

In parallel, the TTP - Temporary Target Projects are born. Temporary projects, with well-defined deadlines and objectives.

Among these, the organization of a collective exhibition with artists of all kinds (painters, sculptors and tattoo artists), gives life to the itshirt project, still today, considered by the artists who took part in it, a visionary experience, whose purpose was (through the sale of t-shirts designed with their works) provide scholarships for deserving pupils of art institutes.

A project recently redefined in the new TTP whtcollection which, with a new collection of leather items, renews the assortment of products but maintains the ultimate aim of conveying art, communication and feelings.

To date, entrepreneur, author, trainer and consultant for the fields of information technology, business strategy, incentives, sales and marketing, he ineluctably continues his search for every form of expression of "free and accomplice simplicity".

Even the fashion and accessory collections have always wanted to be free from prejudices, simple in appearance and accomplices of a longing inner well-being.

Convinced that "Free and accomplice simplicity" cannot be only an ideal or an artistic expression, but also and above all concreteness, built with facts, relationships, people and empathy, hence the discussed and sometimes controversial decision to entrust the distribution of the exclusive fashion clothing collection only to physical retailers.